Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends

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Amber Lynnn
Amber Lynnn Pred 45 minutami
Welcome back cat wall clock, it's been a while
Rebecca Caraballo
Rebecca Caraballo Pred uro
I loved the 70s look. Maybe just in modern colors?
Boba Boi
Boba Boi Pred 2 urami
It's been 3 months since i've checked on simply
mimo _
mimo _ Pred 6 urami
So im 26 and I didnt realize this until recently but.. Did you know theres some people who never paint their nails?? I mean i obviously knew this lol but I became much more aware of it recently and started paying attention to who does and who doesnt.. And judging the ones who dont 😂 ..jk!! But one of my few memories left from childhood was my mom always painting mine and my sisters nails, we always had a shitload of nail polish and I just followed with that trend the rest of my life so its natural for me. I remember friends coming over and being like damn why you have so much nail polish? To me its not a lot..i just like having options.its weird to me that people never paint their nails.. Like why NOT?
ThatCamaroChik Pred 9 urami
I made 2020 my year! ❤ for the first time in my entire life, i have long, strong beautiful nails!
Chew Tzi Qi
Chew Tzi Qi Pred 10 urami
I think 2021 might be good for me cause my textbook is HOLO💿💿💿
If i was able to do the second one, I would like to do HOLO
Sharon Chua
Sharon Chua Pred 12 urami
16:17 YESSS we're gonna add nail vinyls next!! Miss this soooo much ❤ Can't wait for the upcoming holo taco polishes this year
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred 12 urami
The fact that Cristine’s hair is in a ponytail and still almost at hip length blows my mind
Anjali goel
Anjali goel Pred 14 urami
Cristine nails are not yellow she has nail polish in her blood
A Random Person
A Random Person Pred 15 urami
Rhylii and Lilly
Rhylii and Lilly Pred 17 urami
Is that orange shade zylers nailpolish
Caitie rogers
Caitie rogers Pred 18 urami
will you please send me that feel good green nail polish please 🥺
Rina's Adventures
Rina's Adventures Pred 18 urami
Okay, but how did she know I wanted to stop biting my nails, again...🤔😅😳
Super Powers
Super Powers Pred 19 urami
No one: Cristine: coming at me for biting my nails It's a bad habit
Meghan Bastien
Meghan Bastien Pred 19 urami
Watching her do nail art again really makes me wish I could wear nail polish at work :(
Selina Tu
Selina Tu Pred 21 uro
Have you ever learn how to draw?
Emma Griffith
Emma Griffith Pred 22 urami
I love how you have the patience for this😅
Adenine 2000
Adenine 2000 Pred dnevom
Wish I had nails as long as Cristine’s, my nails always break or I pick at them. I always end up wearing stick on’s or getting acrylics
Miley MooMoo
Miley MooMoo Pred dnevom
simply is like the british, she loves tea and is completely insane.
Kim Boyer
Kim Boyer Pred dnevom
8:31 why but she sound like Doctor Mike xD
Positive Panda
Positive Panda Pred dnevom
I have a disability which means I can’t use my right hand properly so I have to use my nails as tools to do stuff otherwise I ould paint them (if I could)
Maisie Pred dnevom
Don't hate on pistachios.
Alexa O.o
Alexa O.o Pred dnevom
She looks. like my counselor
•Killua_Is_ So_Gay•
•Killua_Is_ So_Gay• Pred dnevom
⚠️ If you have been having a bad day or need a bit of support, you do can continue reading ⚠️ So, I see you are having a rough time on 2020 or 2021. But hey! No need to feel down! You have many people by your side, even your loved ones who have passed away! If you ever need someone to talk to, you can talk to me for anything! Just remember, you are loved and I care about you! Have a good day/night!
Ella McHallam
Ella McHallam Pred dnevom
"Don't bite your nails." Me biting my nails: ye can't be that hard!
Mrs. Will
Mrs. Will Pred dnevom
Honestly you did way better on the calligraphy than I thought you would. 😂 Great job!
Amalia Barraza von Wedel
Amalia Barraza von Wedel Pred dnevom
can we see u try doing Gell polish trends and nail art ik your usually only doing normal nail polish but I think it would fun to see u mess around with a different medium.
Xaviera Dobson
Xaviera Dobson Pred dnevom
"Do you even know what calligraphy is?" *laughs in child of a wedding celebrant*
Siffya Pred dnevom
Debanator Pred dnevom
Cristine: *paints ”simp” on her nails* 𝗹𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗴𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗹𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻 𝘄𝗲 𝗴𝗼𝘁 𝗲𝗺
Catsnroses Gaming
Catsnroses Gaming Pred dnevom
I think she needs to try to get a holo tattoo
Memes Be Hitting Hard
Memes Be Hitting Hard Pred dnevom
8:30 I uh- I feel a little called out
Nicole Pred dnevom
Christine PLEASE make gel polishes! I want to support buying your product but I refuse to wear regular polish since it doesn’t last on me. I neeeeed the holo tacooo :)
Meena Sarkar
Meena Sarkar Pred dnevom
Hey! Can you make a video where you share all the tips to keep your nails health and long.
Rita Arya
Rita Arya Pred 15 urami
@Meena Sarkar oh and she made a recent video on holo taco channel as well i guess
Meena Sarkar
Meena Sarkar Pred 15 urami
@Rita Arya oh thanks I'll check that out now
Rita Arya
Rita Arya Pred 15 urami
She had made at least two videos before about 'how to keep your manicure longer' (2016🤔) and 'how to grow your nails' (2017) There she talked about maintaining nail lengths, healthy nails and avoid breaking You can check that out if you haven't already
Delia Ionita
Delia Ionita Pred dnevom
so you like holo but did u know there is a holo snake?
Kayleen Patricia
Kayleen Patricia Pred dnevom
Please do a harry potter nail art
Fairuz Aulia
Fairuz Aulia Pred dnevom
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia Pred dnevom
I started getting into midi rings recently and found that amazon has some really good big sets of them for super cheap. I’ve boughten them in all different metals to mix and match and it didn’t break the bank.
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia Pred dnevom
I’ve just recently become ok with having mismatched designs on each hand, but I don’t think I will ever be ok with all my nails not being the same length. When I even have one broken nail, I feel like I can’t show that hand to people without having to explain that I just broke it and haven’t had time to cut all my nails.
Stephanie Barnett
Stephanie Barnett Pred dnevom
Your Next video should be the cats Picking out Ben’s nails🐱
Box Next Door
Box Next Door Pred dnevom
Ok imagine Cristine in full body medieval holo armor, with helmet and all
Ocenwings 3D
Ocenwings 3D Pred dnevom
Simply i have a question when theres an earthquake what would you do? Run to your nail polish wall to save them Or Run and save your tea to save it
65Larry Polizzi
65Larry Polizzi Pred dnevom
You should try the halo top icecream, if you ever do try it let us know how it is. Lol
potato queen
potato queen Pred dnevom
Isn't it, like, always winter in Canada because of how cold it is?
RDA Rusty
RDA Rusty Pred dnevom
Such a sheep
Wolfy Alfhiem
Wolfy Alfhiem Pred dnevom
its 2021 and Christine hasnt said BEEEEEN IS THAT MY TEA!! or WHAT DO YOU THINK!?? or MENCHIEEEEEEEE instead we get Christine: HIIII im christine im 13 years old i live in the capital of canada and HOLO IS LIFE!! me: =sips tea= WELL 2021 IS DIFFERENT AFTER ALL XD love ya christ!!~ also all the weebs: S I M P!!!!!
Karen Brown
Karen Brown Pred dnevom
sweetea’ Pred 2 dnevi
yay simply!!!!!
Simply Dog Logical
Simply Dog Logical Pred 2 dnevi
Yasss spring collection!
Lori Can CUI
Lori Can CUI Pred 2 dnevi
hackers: don't bother hacking into holo taco people: why? hackers: cuz she's already spoiling her own stuff
roxy picasso
roxy picasso Pred 4 urami
she’s like tom holland with these spoilers 👀
Lydia Beattie
Lydia Beattie Pred 2 dnevi
Christine at least a 1000 times in 2020: Is that my tea?
J Pred 2 dnevi
LOVING the false nail trend. I play instruments and have incredibly thin nails, plus each nail bed has a bit of a different shape! So, my nails are always kept short and I am so happy with being able to try a more variety of cute false nails in longer styles that I can pop off at home when I need to practice my instrument!
bubbly_boo Pred 2 dnevi
@EvanandKatelin go check out their channel they made a holo 1mil plaque. Ps, my phone is holo beech!🧋💿 (it’s the Samsung A71)
bubbly_boo Pred 2 dnevi
The tea is real gurl. 💅
Anna Blaze -they-them-
Anna Blaze -they-them- Pred 2 dnevi
“simp” nails
Wendy G.
Wendy G. Pred 2 dnevi
OMG Cristine, I can't believe you painted mini surgical masks on your nails! 😄 💅 I love your nail art! 💜
Sadie Schowalter
Sadie Schowalter Pred 2 dnevi
hi i am from the past and how is 2021 going cuz I am in the start of corintime
Michelle Laidler
Michelle Laidler Pred 2 dnevi
Could you do a more detailed general nail care video? Day to day cuticle care. Nail peeling... (not in a good way) 😭
Tara Crawford
Tara Crawford Pred 2 dnevi
I love you @simplynailogical but I didn’t enjoy all the #notlikeothergirls commentary
Robin Valdez
Robin Valdez Pred 2 dnevi
This video has a lot of shade in it
Sophia Horowitz
Sophia Horowitz Pred 2 dnevi
Cristine encouraged me to stop biting my nails and grow them out. Although no one is gonna see this I wanted to say thank you Cristine for your nail tips. I also want to thank you Cristine because when I am stressed or feeling depressed I watch your videos and laugh my a*s off. 😂 #Beyyyynn #Holosexual
Miri Creates
Miri Creates Pred 2 dnevi
Gonna comment on the fake nails. I get that painting natural nails is more satisfying and always looks better, but some people just aren't capable of keeping a steady hand and others cannot actually grow out their nails because of health issues that cause them to be super brittle and paper thin. My Mom is one of these people, on both counts. I'm not offended. I just wanted to point it out, in case there are people who don't know that's a
Kamila A. Rivera Cruz
Kamila A. Rivera Cruz Pred 2 dnevi
Simply: "DONT USE YOUR NAILS AS TOOLS!" Me: Playing guitar every day without a guitar pick...
natalie Moore
natalie Moore Pred 2 dnevi
Omg I'm so excited for the new launch so cute
nidaa bunnie
nidaa bunnie Pred 2 dnevi
Cristine i would love to see you making holo slime i know its nail channel but why not as long as its holo 🤗❤️
can you do space nails
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 2 dnevi
I love how she subtly calls out tik tokers going out parting and going to the Bahamas.....
Amelia Pethullis
Amelia Pethullis Pred 2 dnevi
The stick on trend is huge in the uk, nail artists sell on Instagram and droop and honestly if I wasn’t growing mine out I’d be all in 💞
glitching aspen
glitching aspen Pred 2 dnevi
all i can think of right now is "SIMP" on the nails
Neve Higgins
Neve Higgins Pred 2 dnevi
✨Stop them✨
DJ's Nonsense
DJ's Nonsense Pred 2 dnevi
I know you hate it but the 70's print nails are so pretty, they make me wanna wear a sweater, drink tea and get a cat
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 2 dnevi
feel about that since it kinda destroys the natural nail, but they were doing it anyways. So long as salons remain closed or partially open, I imagine that more women will be
Flarezy Pred 2 dnevi
Call me evil but I enjoy videos more the more you suffer during the video from simultaneous video shooting and nail painting. Maybe it’s because you succeeded in these designs so well it feels a bit like cheating. But with guidance in mind, this style does work better, kinda like your old nail-tutorial videos. Also I looove holo-taco (I have it on right now!) but I wanna see other brands more because this feels a little too much like advertising.
Mary Joy Espina
Mary Joy Espina Pred 2 dnevi
You look like that doctor who accidentally incriminated the girl from jane the virgin
mia frye
mia frye Pred 2 dnevi
wish i still had the picture of when i painted thug life on my nails with that font😩 took so much time
grace shilpa
grace shilpa Pred 2 dnevi
can you do nail art wit only one nail polish bottle and a celo tape 😁
kate aberdesme
kate aberdesme Pred 2 dnevi
you should do the LED light challenge that the beauty gurus were doing and apply it to nail art!!
Camila Aguirre
Camila Aguirre Pred 2 dnevi
Oh no was I born this year and then travel back in time no I wasn’t Right You will never know 😜
Camila Aguirre
Camila Aguirre Pred 2 dnevi
I have eczema
Cindy Challender
Cindy Challender Pred 2 dnevi
Oh yeah, Lets use the 60's and 70' (ugly) colors. Like I really want to go through that time period again(not on your life. Once was enough!) That green reminds me of changing baby diapers after they eat peas.
Toco Cat
Toco Cat Pred 2 dnevi
As a person who does calligraphy even I don’t know what it means 😅😅😅
56purple78 Pred 2 dnevi
"when all else fails, paint your nails" i need that on a tshirt
JukeBox Nailz
JukeBox Nailz Pred 2 dnevi
well said Kristine do as what you feel 😜👌✨🐱‍👤
JukeBox Nailz
JukeBox Nailz Pred 2 dnevi
these had already been done serval times few years ago but hey play it again same LOL
Ernest Luna
Ernest Luna Pred 2 dnevi
Be well Christine with no h. We are all going through something. 😶
Hayden Pred 2 dnevi
You need to do another troom troom video!
bleh blah
bleh blah Pred 2 dnevi
I worked at Sally Beauty for awhile and all throughout 2020 there was a massive uptick in women buying press on nails. I don't know what it was like at other locations but where I was, that was definitely a thing over polish. Some women who had oily nails were gluing the press on nails to their natural nail in order for them to last longer. Not sure how I feel about that since it kinda destroys the natural nail, but they were doing it anyways. So long as salons remain closed or partially open, I imagine that more women will be using press ons and probably keep continuing to use them. Before the rona hit, I was noticing them being bought more for events, like weddings and what not, so they were already gaining popularity. I think people are really liking the temporariness of press ons and some of the designs coming out on them are pretty cute, ngl.
Katie I don't have a last name :]
Katie I don't have a last name :] Pred 3 dnevi
That retro nail looks like snake skin
Cece Rodz
Cece Rodz Pred 3 dnevi
Did you know they are closing a lot of locations of DavidsTea in Canada and the US?
_.Mochii._ Pred 3 dnevi
This is a random question but could you make a video testing top and base coats please and if you do can you try the Champneys base and top coat nail polish It would make me really happy and I love your videos 😊
Hoan Nhi
Hoan Nhi Pred 3 dnevi
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment
Tova Street
Tova Street Pred 3 dnevi
Hi Christine I was wondering how long have you known safyia naygard?
Rita Arya
Rita Arya Pred 15 urami
She talked about her youtube friends in her podcast about youtube collabs ig
Eli goes brr
Eli goes brr Pred 3 dnevi
8:36 i was peeling an Orange and literally STABBED the poor Orange with my nail- its pretty tasty ngl---
kat_otaku Pred 3 dnevi
yes she is a SIMP😶
Far Pred 3 dnevi
My nails are tools mate they only look good on the day of the event. They're decent in length for being tools though. No idea how theyre this strong
Yourface 27times
Yourface 27times Pred 3 dnevi
My coisn loves your video so much that she bought your nail polish me I did today
Abby Ford
Abby Ford Pred 3 dnevi
Grace L
Grace L Pred 3 dnevi
Cristine- "I'm in Canada, not NY" Me in NY with my yard having 3 ft of snow 😅
Jannah Rahman
Jannah Rahman Pred 3 dnevi
Who else realised she said ‘so I was on THE google’ instead of ‘so I was on google’? Just me?
Lucenna Belseriön
Lucenna Belseriön Pred 3 dnevi
I love how christine sounds so happy, but at the same time, sounds so depressed, literally everybody in the pandemic rn. I'm actually kinda glad that my fiance from the czech republic (my birth country) came to stay with our daughter and I (she turned three yesterday), and we are currently staying in America with family, my daughter likes watching these videos with me, she's my little princess 👑❤
The Therapist
The Therapist Pred 3 dnevi
I do nail art myself and I did a dark blue colour on my nails and on my pinky I did the perfect manicure!
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