Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends
What's Wrong With My Face
I Broke My Nail Again
Pred 8 meseci
Staying Home With My Cats
Curling My Hair With Bananas
Thank you
Pred letom
Sarah Couse
Sarah Couse Pred 7 urami
why so high priced simply? Oh and one of my sisters freinds has the same name as you even with no h but it is her middle name.
Lovercat361 Pred 7 urami
The nail polish and nail polish remover next to a flame might not have been the best idea
ThatCamaroChik Pred 7 urami
I made 2020 my year! ❤ for the first time in my entire life, i have long, strong beautiful nails!
Emily N
Emily N Pred 8 urami
Hey I just had an idea, is there such thing as a caricatures nail polish? Like a transparent nail polish that you put on top of a base that has maybe little faces on it or starts and hearts or whatever, like with holo nail polish, but instead of holographic particles this one would have more constructed pieces
Moksha Mridini S A
Moksha Mridini S A Pred 8 urami
no one: literally no one: me: lmao for just hearing and looking and ben's laugh
Geert De boer
Geert De boer Pred 8 urami
Anyone else getting bisexual vibes from this video? XD
Esther Coelho
Esther Coelho Pred 8 urami
Male Female Neuter My English is quite bad sorry
Lawrence Livingston
Lawrence Livingston Pred 8 urami
So sorry girl
kimbe-lee florence
kimbe-lee florence Pred 8 urami
Beyn beyn bbeeeeyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnn
Ava Alaban
Ava Alaban Pred 8 urami
Christine was wearing troom troom socks !!! 😂
Amelie Moss
Amelie Moss Pred 9 urami
Ben’s impression of Noah thick neck was top tier
Nomvuyo Rasebote
Nomvuyo Rasebote Pred 9 urami
I like her😍
Chris Scabis
Chris Scabis Pred 9 urami
I checked out a video or two since I was interested in painting my nails as a guy...still haven't figured out if i like it or want to continue. But your videos are hilarious. And now I just check out a few videos here and t here for fun! Congrats on your new line!
Chew Tzi Qi
Chew Tzi Qi Pred 9 urami
I think 2021 might be good for me cause my textbook is HOLO💿💿💿
If i was able to do the second one, I would like to do HOLO
Burcu TEKIN Pred 10 urami
My anxiety went📈📈📈
Baiba Lāce
Baiba Lāce Pred 10 urami
question-you where popular in high shcool *rip cristines phone*
P R E M I U M Pred 10 urami
is nobody talking about the microchip in her nailpolish!?
redmi caroline channel
redmi caroline channel Pred 10 urami
Menchie and zyler is so cute
Unicorn Magical
Unicorn Magical Pred 10 urami
Your hair looks beautiful
Moksha Mridini S A
Moksha Mridini S A Pred 11 urami
no one: literally no one: me: waiting for the montage song to be in cristine's and ben's wedding
Moksha Mridini S A
Moksha Mridini S A Pred 11 urami
11:39 she is a freakin god of satan :) BTW thank me later :)
Xw e i r d C o c o P u f fX yt :3
Xw e i r d C o c o P u f fX yt :3 Pred 11 urami
Sharon Chua
Sharon Chua Pred 11 urami
16:17 YESSS we're gonna add nail vinyls next!! Miss this soooo much ❤ Can't wait for the upcoming holo taco polishes this year
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred 11 urami
The fact that Cristine’s hair is in a ponytail and still almost at hip length blows my mind
Sharon Chua
Sharon Chua Pred 11 urami
cenkispro roblox
cenkispro roblox Pred 11 urami
For ben 🙏🏻
That Introvert Guy
That Introvert Guy Pred 12 urami
*Johnny Joestar would like to know your location*
Shannon Brown-shepherd
Shannon Brown-shepherd Pred 12 urami
Her I broke my nail in 2000... The add eat Mac Donald’s
Hunter-Jake Mersier
Hunter-Jake Mersier Pred 12 urami
I want to have the same job as you 😍 (your actual job not SLpost 😅)
Pia Goenka
Pia Goenka Pred 12 urami
My family also owns a Mazda
Ivona Savic
Ivona Savic Pred 12 urami
Yal can see they werent mooving it cuz they couldt catch up with the thingy mooving
Lissia-Rae Horwell
Lissia-Rae Horwell Pred 13 urami
I love your glass nail file
Anjali goel
Anjali goel Pred 13 urami
Cristine nails are not yellow she has nail polish in her blood
Unni Krishnan.A
Unni Krishnan.A Pred 13 urami
I was a dog person but menchie made me a dog and cat person 🐶🐱🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐈🐈
Tanaya Dharane
Tanaya Dharane Pred 13 urami
Next video should be nail art on cats nails😂pweezzzz
Jaslene Petersen
Jaslene Petersen Pred 14 urami
"Just loose skin, that's it." "That's only loose because you stabbed it off of me!"
Mackmakes art
Mackmakes art Pred 14 urami
Anyone else noticed a weird flash before she went into her nail with the aluminaty?
Margaux Aneeyah
Margaux Aneeyah Pred 14 urami
I used to watch you when I was 9-11 now I'm back watching you, I noticed you don't curse that much anymore lol
Millie Elizabeth Wood
Millie Elizabeth Wood Pred 14 urami
What was the word on the holo thing i wasn’t paying attention i was looking at the HoLo💅
A Random Person
A Random Person Pred 14 urami
項Digital dream
項Digital dream Pred 14 urami
When you say “my nails are naked” ,i kind a laugh out of that, but you say that all the time but can you say something else like , the nail polish is off bc I want to hear something new but naked is old (I’m not hating)✨👁👄👁💧
BlackSpace Pred 14 urami
I absolutely love how much they shade the entire SLpost and Tiktok community.
Miss Juniper
Miss Juniper Pred 14 urami
Cristinnnnnnee plz do 100+ layers of holo nail polish 💿💿💿💿💿
Jerf Fuzz
Jerf Fuzz Pred 14 urami
AlmaVivo Pred 14 urami
I've never heard anyone say the name "Rivera" so wrong before.
Bella Sweetland
Bella Sweetland Pred 14 urami
Are we not going to talking about how much cake she got when she arched her back😌!!!
Lea Pred 15 urami
The dust collector is $70 now!
Brittany Pred 15 urami
I did indeed sing that song as a kid.. And also do not know how to use tiktok... So thanks for calling me out, simply 😂
Delaneytalks Pred 15 urami
Cristine is proof you can be 30 and still childish.
Natalie Coad
Natalie Coad Pred 15 urami
5:32 lol the unintentional edit
Sherly Manoj
Sherly Manoj Pred 15 urami
I love her earrings
Reena Abraham
Reena Abraham Pred 15 urami
This is my life now and furever me: pun 😂😂😂
Reena Abraham
Reena Abraham Pred 9 urami
Hello l know l am late to comment this video but whatever
Sassy Symone
Sassy Symone Pred 15 urami
Ava Alaban
Ava Alaban Pred 15 urami
Imagine he had socks 🧦 on !!! 😂
Rhylii and Lilly
Rhylii and Lilly Pred 16 urami
Is that orange shade zylers nailpolish
Simply Dog Logical
Simply Dog Logical Pred 16 urami
The pure terror in the, BEN STAHP!
Antoinette Serrato
Antoinette Serrato Pred 16 urami
That gray circular bed looks a lot like the one Marbles sat in when Jenna and Julien made the dogs homemade treats. 🧐🤔🧐
Catss Eighteen
Catss Eighteen Pred 17 urami
This made me want to eat some banana pudding ice cream so that’s what I’m going to do
Olivia Sheridan
Olivia Sheridan Pred 17 urami
I know a lot of your fanbase wants to see you get marries and have kids but I am begging you to please never have a baby lol.
Forest Butler
Forest Butler Pred 17 urami
Have an unwanted pregnancy? Not a problem! first get your meatle coat hanger and pliers!
Catss Eighteen
Catss Eighteen Pred 17 urami
Wow he looks great
Caitie rogers
Caitie rogers Pred 17 urami
will you please send me that feel good green nail polish please 🥺
ft.Jack&Jimmy Pred 17 urami
I love Simply Nailogical even though I hate anything that's holo, yes, come @ me.
Rina's Adventures
Rina's Adventures Pred 17 urami
Okay, but how did she know I wanted to stop biting my nails, again...🤔😅😳
ଘ Ⲱᥲfւ ଓ
ଘ Ⲱᥲfւ ଓ Pred 17 urami
12:18 hold up is that cat with a phoneee
Wowpow Pred 17 urami
you sound sick
ଘ Ⲱᥲfւ ଓ
ଘ Ⲱᥲfւ ଓ Pred 17 urami
Hooman: You need a fresh sponge. *Proceeds to cut sponge* Me: Fresh...
Super Powers
Super Powers Pred 18 urami
No one: Cristine: coming at me for biting my nails It's a bad habit
Meghan Bastien
Meghan Bastien Pred 18 urami
Watching her do nail art again really makes me wish I could wear nail polish at work :(
JEREMIAH Pred 18 urami
look at ben being a smart benana
All about Us !!
All about Us !! Pred 18 urami
dorkitoes Pred 18 urami
Hannah Ashah
Hannah Ashah Pred 18 urami
Me watching this living in ✨QuEbEc✨
Anamika Hirosh 아나 미카 히로시
Anamika Hirosh 아나 미카 히로시 Pred 18 urami
grim the gost
grim the gost Pred 18 urami
*Matrix joke* Ben getting political, me in the corner: ...but the Matrix...Keanu Reeves...